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Ice Cream Word Search of ice cream flavors

Sea Count and Color worksheet for fishy fun

The Sunscreen Song (sung to the Itsy Bitsy Spider) Piggy back lyrics by Jaen Mayberry
Summer Folder Game
Number Counting # 1- 10
page 1 and page 2
Aquarium in a Cup
summer cooking activity from
Summer Counting
worksheet from Bry-back Manor's Attic
Fishy Color Words from Bry-Back Manor
Make a splendid Japanese Hanging Fish
from Enchanted Learning Software with pictured instructions.
Seashells Pretty coloring sheet
from Jan Brett
Nature Walk Checklist from abcteach
July 4th Coloring Sheet
for Independence Day.
Father's Day Card best printed on card stock.
Color the tie and glue or staple the tie at the top,
leaving the tie free to be flipped up to read the message.
Don't forget to sign the card on the back and add hugs and kisses!
Shirt card and the ubiquitous tie for dear old Dad.
A glittery Fireworks craft
at www.enchanted
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