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St. Patrick's Day Money Match a worksheet to match coin names to pictures.

Pots of Good Activity Ideas for St.Patrick’s Day from the Idea Activity Place.

March a color ID, letter ID, and pattern completion worksheet
Song "Leprechauns Are Dancing", Lyrics from the Mailbox
and graphics from Clips Ahoy
Simple Addition Easy Worksheet
St. Patrick's Day Milk Shake Print a picture recipe and think green!
Easy Shapes Leprechaun Craft
prints from First School
Word UnScramble from ABCTeach

Shamrock Prints
with a green pepper. You need paper and a little green paint in a styrofoam (thoroughly washed) meat tray or foam paper plate. Cut the pepper in half and clean out the seeds. The students can dip the cross sections of the pepper in the paint and press it 3 times onto the paper to form a shamrock.